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Two years into Iván Duque Márquez's four-year term (7th of August 2018), the features and application of his policy to implement the Final Agreement to End the Armed Conflict and Build a Stable and Lasting Peace (hereinafter Final Agreement) have become clearer. Given the impossibility of tearing it up, the government was forced to come up with its own implementation policy: the stabilisation policy Peace with Legality. The said policy, in addition to avoiding all mention of the phrase Final Agreement to..., is based on a crude simplification and distortion of its contents in order to try and align it to the aims of government actions in the current period.

The Final Agreement is an anomaly to the Duque government and it has had to reluctantly deal with it. It has been doing this through a policy that could well be characterised as a simulacrum of implementation, which disregards the comprehensive nature of this process, which means doing so with the required synchronisation and concomitance regarding its contents, particularly in the area of comprehensive rural reform (CRR), democratic aperture and political participation, solving the problem of illicit drugs, the comprehensive system for truth, justice, reparations and non repetition, security guarantees for those who exercise political and social opposition and full reincorporation. In short, a "policy of simulation" that seeks to disregard or reduce to a minimum the reforming, democratising goals and social transformation of the Final Agreement, with the aim of imposing a version of "controlled implementation" that avoids any impact or fissure in the country's regime of class domination.

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